More than 3,300+ local media companies use OwnLocal to power their digital services by automatically converting traditional offline advertising into powerful online marketing campaigns. Add value, extend reach, and drive revenue from the work you already do and the sales you already make.


Lloyd W. Armbrust II
Founder and CEO
Case Study:
Digital Ad Platform & ROI


“After launching in three markets and seeing real, immediate results, Rust publishers are now rolling out OwnLocal’s suite of services across our company. The initial SEO via the OwnLocal platform is easy to launch—and effective...The initial services are just the beginning. We wish we’d launched a year ago.”

Jon Rust
Co-President, Rust Communications

"OwnLocal was really important for us, especially when it came to moving traditional advertisers to the digital realm. Having a partner like OwnLocal allowed us to put hard numbers and prove the ROI of our marketing campaigns we offer to our advertisers."

Adam Lee
Denver Post

"OwnLocal generates more revenue for newspapers and better results for their advertisers. This helps newspapers, large and small, maintain the resources they need to inform and engage readers about what is happening in their communities."

Ben Wirz
Director of Venture Investments, the Knight Foundation

“We have an in-house digital agency that provides customized services to big clients, but we were having trouble scaling to our smaller clients and smaller markets. With OwnLocal, we can now provide digital agency services affordably for small clients — and profitably for us.”

Jon Rust
Co-President, Rust Communications

"We've developed packages that really fit all businesses and that's why we partner with OwnLocal."

Kelly Homewood
Fusionfarm / Cedar Rapids Gazette

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