Take your print ads online with the easiest, sexiest, most powerful print-to-web software on the market. Make your ads clickable, shareable, printable, mappable, sendable, and reliably where your customers are, even if they’re on the go.

AdForge powers automated digital ad agency services for 2,000+ newspapers in North America, Australia, and Europe. We begin this process by using technology to add SEO value to all of your print advertisements, turning them into sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. This transitions every print client into a tiny digital user, generating brand new digital revenue.

The Problem

Generating digital revenue is hard. Clients who are used to advertising via traditional methods don’t understand it (and don’t want to pay for it). Traditional sales reps don’t know how to sell digital (and even if they did, how do you structure a digital sales team at your organization?). New creative is needed, and new technology must be built or purchased.

The good news is we take care of all those things, and we do it automatically, starting with our AdForge platform.

The Solution

Local media and small businesses have always worked together. OwnLocal starts with this core strength and makes it easy to expand the set of services that a small business can purchase from their local newspaper.

Using AdForge, almost overnight, a paper goes from being a printing press with display advertising to a digital ad agency with a full-featured suite of modern products and services to offer.

This is rooted in what newspapers already do well – managing local relationships. At OwnLocal, we know these relationships are the perfect place to build the future of local media.

Case Studies

The Observer- Reporter, Circulation 32,000

“My favorite part is that we added $117,000 in gross revenue with zero efforts from my sales staff.” – Matt Miller, Director of Sales and Marketing

The Austin American-Statesman, Circulation 100,000+

“OwnLocal’s helping us make more revenue from the work we already do and the sales we already make.” – Steve Dorsey, VP of Innovation and Planning

The Company

OwnLocal is the Automatic Digital Ad Agency for Media. Our products reach nearly 100 million people each month. OwnLocal has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, the Washington Post, Editor & Publisher, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more for its important work.



Fast, scalable revenue
Newspapers using AdForge have added as much as 1% to their bottom line.

Built for SEO
The content of your ads is important. That’s why we index every word. Your customers can search ads on-site or via Google.

Cartography included
Every business ad has a map with links to locations, directions, and more.

Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare are built-in pieces of your advertiser’s digital ad. Let your readers share ads with their friends, family, and coworkers with the click of a button.

We understand that some people still love paper. We make it easy to print ads and coupons for real-world redemption.

Automatically Automate
We work with your workflow. Build your ads, upload, and our software will take care of the rest.

Your advertiser’s print ads are automatically included on their Local Hero directory page.

We track relevant statistics to help your customers know what’s working and what isn’t.

We archive your ads forever. That’s right. We keep a copy of your ads on the Internet forever to improve SEO, customer confidence, and to preserve the past.

Leading the way
Most digital ad conversion products were built a decade ago and have been agonizingly slow at making improvements. Let us show you what the future looks like when a technology company leads the way.

Wonderful Widgets
Our widgets are designed to dynamically feature your print advertisers across your website. We build them for the way your users actually use your website.

Your Design. Your Domain.
Why lose SEO value? Or use their branding? We respect your brand and only want to increase its value.

48-Hour setup
Frankly, we don’t know why the other guys make you wait.