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When it comes to selling websites to SMBs, local media companies—like yours—have a leg up on the competition. Here’s why.

It’s All About Trust

We recently attended the ADP Digital Innovation conference in Southlake, TX to learn more about how digital growth is impacting the local directory industry. In addition to getting a deeper understanding of the challenges legacy publishers are facing today, we also came away with some valuable insights on what small businesses are looking for in their digital marketing.

Veloxsites, a website platform, shared some interesting findings from their recent study, “Online Presence: What SMBs Want.”

According to the study, SMBs cited “trust” as the No. 1 priority when asked what they value in a website provider. Local businesses want a site provider that understands their needs and makes them feel secure and taken care of. In fact, they rated working with a provider that they trust as more important than the quality of the website or the sales leads generated from the website. That’s a pretty big deal.

You can’t expect to earn a business’s trust without first building a real relationship with them. Luckily, as a local media company, cultivating meaningful relationships is your special sauce. Newspapers and directories have always been skilled at managing relationships with local businesses. Your publication’s ad reps have a well-founded reputation for being personable and truly knowing their customers. As such, you’re in a unique position to deliver the single most important thing SMBs are looking for in their websites. Putting trust at the center of your sales pitch will give you an edge over your competitors.

A Big Digital Revenue Opportunity for Local Media

This is great news for your digital revenue stream, because websites are a hot product with SMBs right now. Sixty percent of SMBs are considering refreshing their existing websites or redesigning a new one in the next two years, according to the study cited above. And of those small businesses that are planning on adding a new—or better—website to their digital marketing strategy, 70% want their websites done for them, and an additional 10% plan to make the move from DIY to DIFM (do-it-for-me).

That’s where your organization—paired with a trusted site building partner—comes in.

The Best SMB Website Solution

OwnLocal now offers automatically-generated Brochure Sites that are specifically designed to meet local SMBs’ digital marketing needs. These beautiful, responsive sites allow your advertisers to showcase their most important business information in a visually appealing way and further boost their rank in online search. A Brochure Site is a perfect solution for any advertiser, regardless of their current web presence. It is an attractive, affordable product for SMBs without a website, or can be embedded on any existing website to enhance its SEO value.

And of course, these sites are designed with your organization’s needs and goals in mind. Brochure Sites integrate seamlessly with the OwnLocal platform, further positioning your publication as the integrated marketing partner for all your advertisers’ print and digital needs. They are simple to launch and maintain—we create each site automatically and can easily update them any time your advertisers wish. And, as always, they come with full support for your team. OwnLocal educates your sales reps, fulfills all orders, and even provides customer support to your SMB advertisers. There is zero effort required on your part, so you can keep doing what you do best.

With the one-two punch of OwnLocal’s leading website solution and your sales team’s trust-focused pitch, local SMBs will be knocking down your door to give you their business.

To learn more about Brochure Sites, contact sales@ownlocal.com today. 


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