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I am excited to announce that OwnLocal has hired a team of Digital Revenue Analysts that are dedicated to helping your executive leadership find new ways to generate revenue, both inside and outside of the OwnLocal platform.

Since founding OwnLocal in 2010, we have created a team of 80 people who work for our 2,600+ publisher partners and nearly 100,000 small business advertisers each month.

And we're pretty proud that OwnLocal will generate more than $50 million in new digital revenue for our partners this year.

But we also know that it’s not enough.

We all still have a long way to go to transition our industry.

That’s why we are giving you a dedicated Digital Revenue Analyst. This person will act as an extension of your organization and will help you and your executive team craft custom strategies that will help you increase revenue—both in digital and in print.

Over the next few weeks, expect a personal introduction to your analyst and a conversation about how they can help you. They only have one goal: to make you more money.

OwnLocal’s VP of Sales, Jacqueline Reynolds, will be heading up this team. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to her at jacqueline@ownlocal.com, or as always you can email me directly at l@ownlocal.com.

Oh, and one other thing: we think these analysts are so important, we're making them available at no additional cost to you.

We will still provide dedicated account support to ensure the day-to-day at every publication continues to run smoothly.

Thank you for your partnership and allowing us to travel with you on this journey.

- Lloyd

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