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Keep Ruby Weird is an annual international programming conference hosted here in Austin, TX. This year the good people of KRW hosted the conference at the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th Street. Our engineering team attended and had an absolute blast. The day was packed with food, fun, caricature drawings, and an awesome lineup of speakers.

OwnLocal was one of the conference’s official sponsors this year, so we hosted the official Keep Ruby Weird After Party at our Capital Factory office space downtown, just a block from the conference.

We transformed our office space into an arcade, turned up the music, put our favorite movies up on the TVs, and served up local libations generously provided by our sponsors, Dripping Springs Vodka, Guns & Oil Brewing Co., South Austin Brewery, Independence Brewing Company, and Strangeland Brewery. If you’re looking for the best locally-crafted liquor and beer in Austin, these five brands are a must try. They were all a huge hit with our guests.


The room was packed! Our guests included rising stars in the tech field and some fancy startup VIPs. Everyone spent the night chatting about past and upcoming projects and dancing to a soundtrack of Run the Jewels, Life of Pablo, and Young Thug. We watched Pulp Fiction, played DDR, enjoyed beer and cocktails from our amazing sponsors, and of course took some Fireball shots (it’s an OwnLocal thing).

Needless to say, general badassery ensued. Also, we had the brand new Ghostbusters pinball board, so you’re welcome.

All of that was great, but the best part was that everyone seemed to know each other—even the people who had just met. You know that feeling you experience when you walk into a room full of people you’ve known for years? The ease and comfort, the ability to share in struggle and celebration, the amazing/terrible jokes? That was the vibe at this year’s KRW after party. The programming community here in our rad city is really good at creating a space of familiarity and camaraderie. The friendliness was real, the drinks were great, the games were a ton of fun. The night felt like a party with all of your closest (and smartest) friends.

And really, that’s what a typical day at OwnLocal feels like.

At OwnLocal, we do our best to foster an atmosphere of learning, hard work, and fun. And we’re pretty successful at it, if we do say so ourselves. Really. I know a lot of companies claim the super cool, quirky-yet-supportive startup culture, but check us out for yourself and take a look at our job openings. 10/10 doctors can confirm that we’re actually super dope and the best at what we do.

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us, and a HUGE thank you to all of our awesome sponsors who made the 2016 Keep Ruby Weird After Party a wild success!


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