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OwnLocal was excited to participate in ATX Startup Crawl during SXSW again this year! We hosted at our brand new office this time and we can't think of a better way to break in the space.

A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by! We loved hanging out with all of you and hope you had a great time. Here are a few highlights:

Photobooth + Selfie Station

Crawlers posed with props and snapped selfies to share with the branded Snapchat filter. We also had the OwnLocal step-and-repeat out on the floor, which guests clearly had some fun with!

Craft Cocktails Presented by Dripping Springs

The open bar featured local libations presented by our friends at Dripping Springs Vodka & Gin. We mixed startup and tech-themed cocktails like "The VC" Vodka Cranberry and the "SaaS: Shaken & Already Stirred" Gin and Tonic. We also served red and white wine and had two kegs on hand. And of course, our "Founder's Choice" Fireball shot made the menu!

Karaoke on the OwnLocal Stage

We put the OwnLocal stage to good use with Karaoke, and let's just say the performances did not dissappoint! Highlights included a French rap duet and our VP of Engineering, Drew, serenading the crowd with Radiohead.

Spinny Prize Wheel

Our Spinny Prize Wheel was spinnin'! We handed out prizes that represented some of OwnLocal's employee perks and benefits: 

OwnLocal Benefit


Free Snacks Chocolate Bars
Free Starbucks Starbucks Double-Shot Espressos
Unlimited Vacation Toy Airplanes
Dental Insurance Toothbrush Sets
401 k Toy Piggy Banks
Gold's Gym Memberships and Free Fitbits Baby Carrots

Thanks for coming by!

It was great to meet you. We're hiring like crazy, so keep your eye on our jobs page and sign up for email alerts to be notified when new positions open up.

Until next time, we'll leave you with some Twitter love from some of our attendees:

atx-startup-crawl-ownlocal-2.png atx-startup-crawl-ownlocal-1.png





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