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We had a blast at News & Schmooze on Friday (as you can see from these lovely photos provided by Pretty Instant!). Seven companies who are changing the way media is consumed and distributed pitched their ideas to investors and other media-minded people in attendance.

Meet the startups who pitched!

  • Msg.ai: Founded by Puneet Mehta, msg.ai is a conversational commerce and artificial intelligence platform that helps media brands monetize and engage on the world's most popular messaging platforms. For more information, contact puneet@msg.ai.
  • Pijon Marketplace: A modern product sampling program that enables brands to distribute samples to highly targeted consumers through their intelligent distribution network that consists of e-commerce companies. For more information, contact rob@pijon.com.
  • SubVRsive: A virtual reality service for brands, agencies, and clients. SubVRsive is an Austin-based, unfunded VR startup that is a full-service VR partner for a growing list of brands and agencies. For more information, contact austin@GoSubVRsive.com.
  • re:3D: re:3D creates life sized, affordable 3D printing solutions. Their product, Gigabot, rivals other industrial 3D printers at 1/10 the cost and boasts a build volume 30X larger than desktop models. For more information, contact todd@re3d.org.
  • Beek: A social networking platform that helps Spanish-speaking book lovers find their next read by showing them what their friends and influencers are reading. This is similar to Goodreads, which was recently purchased by Amazon.com. For more information, contact pamela@beek.io.
  • OwnLocal: We hope you know who we are, but if you don't, we're a leader in digital advertising services for small businesses. We partner with local media companies to provide affordable, effective digital advertising solutions to their small and medium sized advertisers. For more information, email sales@ownlocal.com to setup a demo!

Thanks to the speakers, sponsors, and guests who attended. We had a great time with you all and are looking forward to enjoying the rest of SXSW with you (but first, we'll take a nap!).


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