Automated Digital Advertising for Local Publications

ALL automatic. all digital. all new revenue.

Who we are

OwnLocal is the strategic bridge between print and digital advertising. We partner with local media companies, like yours, to power digital services and automatically generate new, recurring revenue for your publication.

With our proven process, your print advertisers automatically become concurrent digital customers. We take the valuable information previously trapped inside a print advertisement and repurpose that content for use on the web. This gives the ad a new life online and dramatically increases its value.  

The best part? Not only does this drive new digital revenue, but it strengthens your print sales too. The more print an advertiser buys, the better they will perform digitally. This ensures you won't lose your most valuable source of revenue. 

We provide you with the digital tools you need to become the integrated marketing partner for all of your SMB advertisers' needs. 

To top it all off, OwnLocal is easy and hassle-free. We provide full sales training and ongoing education for your entire team, we fulfill all orders, and we cover customer support for you and your SMB advertisers. 

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The Austin American-Statesman, part of Cox Media Group, made $100k+ in 12 months on the OwnLocal platform. 

"OwnLocal helps us make more money from the work we already do and the sales we already make."

- Steve Dorsey, VP of Innovation and Planning

Download the Austin American-Statesman Case Study