extend the reach, value, and online power of each radio spot.

ALL automatic. all digital. all new revenue.

Who We Are

OwnLocal specializes in turning traditional offline advertisements into valuable digital content and online campaigns.  

A radio ad is filled with rich, important content that can be expanded even beyond a single spot. Our platform extracts the audio and informational components from a radio ad and automatically repurposes that info for use on the web, creating powerful online marketing campaigns.

By repurposing content that was previously trapped inside the spot, we extend the ad's reach and give it a new life online. This instantly boosts the ad's value and drives all new revenue for your station.

And the best part? Our platform does this all automatically with the ads you already air. That means zero effort required on your part. We even train your sales reps, handle all order fulfillment, and cover customer support. 

Add value, extend reach, and drive revenue doing what you already do, with assets you already have.

What We Offer

 Search Engine Optimized Landing Pages
We create an ad-listening platform on your station’s website for audiences and advertisers to reference. This drives more traffic to your website while providing an SEO boost to your advertisers.

 Audio-to-Text Transcription
We turn the spot's audio into written content, which can be repurposed into digital campaigns and optimized for search engines to read.

 Complementary Visuals
We pair the audio and text content with an enticing, relevant image.

 Content Syndication
We automatically push out the audio, visual, and text content to 50+ high-traffic sites across the web.


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The Austin American-Statesman, part of Cox Media Group, made $100k+ in 12 months on the OwnLocal platform.   

"OwnLocal helps us make more money from the work we already do and the sales we already make."

- Steve Dorsey, VP of Innovation and Planning

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