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Automatically Generate Digital Marketing

The OwnLocal platform takes the information extracted from offline ads and automatically outputs a wealth of digital content.

Automatic Digital Value 

OwnLocal takes the content in print ads and broadcast spots and automatically repurposes it into valuable digital content and online marketing campaigns.

Our digital solutions strengthen your SMB advertisers’ web presence and drive them higher in search engine results, ensuring they will be seen, heard, and found anywhere a potential customer looks.

OwnLocal gives existing ads a whole new life online, adding major value for your advertisers and generating new, automatic revenue for your organization.

With the OwnLocal platform, you can offer a wealth of digital solutions to your advertisers, positioning your local media company as the integrated partner for all their advertising needs.


Digital Offerings Include:

OwnLocal automatically generates an online ad platform, which is hosted on the subdomain of your company’s website. This drives more traffic for your organization and boosts your advertisers’ SEO value.

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We automatically generate beautiful four-page brochure sites for your advertisers, so they can showcase their most important business information and get found on any device.

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We distribute your advertiser's business info to high-traffic sites on the web, so they'll be found where their customers are looking.

We generate high-quality articles on topics related to your advertisers’ products or services, and publish this content to your clients’ business profile. This adds even more SEO value to their listing, which boosts their chances of getting found online, and helps them engage customers and prospects like never before.

Send your advertisers a notification any time a customer reviews their business on Yelp, Google+, and other high-traffic sites.

We identify terms consumers are likely to use when searching online for the product or service your advertiser offers. We use these terms in their digital marketing, and search engines associate their business with these terms over time, driving interested consumers to their website. 

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The Digital Ad Platform concept is the backbone of a strong and sustainable local media organization in the 21st century. OwnLocal makes it easy for you to offer the latest in automated advertising, mobile, and syndication technology to local businesses.

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