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Extract the Data

The OwnLocal platform automatically finds and grabs the relevant content embedded in your ads.

How Our Data Extraction Works

OwnLocal's platform will extract all of the important information from any print, radio or TV ad — automatically.

We start with basic, essential business info like name, address and phone number. Then we dive deeper to pull out logos, web addresses, and other unique features exclusive to the ad.

Finally, we extract all of the coupon, special offer, and individual product data.

All of this is accessible via our API. This means once we extract the data, you can either use our default display platform or pull the data into your own application or website.

Types of Data We Extract

We extract all basic information from any ad processed through our platform. This includes all text and associated business data, and the print, audio or video creative in standard formats.

We can extract business data embedded within an ad's creative, including products, services, website address, business description, social media references, related YouTube videos, testimonials, slogans, acceptable payments, professional associations and licenses, menu data, hours of operation, business logo, SEO keywords and more. More? More. For instance, languages spoken and year established.

Putting coupons online is a pain—unless it's done automatically. We can take the coupons embedded in an ad and pull out the relevant information: start and end date, price qualifiers, description, specifications, disclaimers, brands, the all-important call to action and regular, discount and display prices.

Ads that mention products will have that data extracted as well—making this information discoverable in online searches. We extract the brand name, product name and type, and product info like the retailer product code, the upc and ean, the model number, as well as stock product images when available.

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The Digital Ad Platform concept is the backbone of a strong and sustainable local media organization in the 21st century. OwnLocal makes it easy for you to offer the latest in automated advertising, mobile, and syndication technology to local businesses.

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