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Generate Responsive Brochure Sites

OwnLocal builds beautiful, responsive, self-updating websites faster than any other digital ad partner.

Help Your Clients Stand Out Online

As digital ad specialists, you act as more than a passive host for ads. You are also web designers, helping your advertisers get online and in front of customers.

Increasingly, local businesses know this is a service they desperately need. Today’s customers don’t wait to walk in the door before they form an impression. They start on the web and decide where to go based on what they find—if they find anything at all.

Last year, 83% of Americans went online to search for local businesses. Are your advertisers creating a good first impression with their websites? Do they have websites at all?

OwnLocal’s brochure sites allow your advertisers to showcase their most important business information in a visually appealing way and further boost their rank in online search.

This solution is perfect for any advertiser, regardless of their current web presence. It is an attractive, affordable solution for SMBs without a website, or can be embedded on any existing website to enhance its SEO value.



We provide clean, professional designs and eye-catching images that help your SMB advertisers stand out online like never before.

The sites are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop, so they look great and function perfectly on any device.

We create brochure sites automatically and can easily update them any time your advertisers wish.

As always, OwnLocal educates your sales reps, fulfills all orders, and even provides customer support to your SMB advertisers.

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The Digital Ad Platform concept is the backbone of a strong and sustainable local media organization in the 21st century. OwnLocal makes it easy for you to offer the latest in automated advertising, mobile, and syndication technology to local businesses.

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