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Launch SEM Campaigns

The OwnLocal platform decides on keywords, builds a business profile, and executes Search Engine Marketing campaigns with minimal human involvement.

Buy SEM for Your Local Advertisers

The average small business gets 17 sales calls per month. One of them might be from a local media company like yours, but the rest are from people trying to sell SEM or Google AdWords. Our point: small businesses are getting the message that they need to invest in search ads, but they also can't afford the $3,000+ per month it takes to run an effective SEM campaign capable of moving the needle for their business.

That's where you come in. Offering SEM helps you protect your current account base from digital agencies eager to steal them away.

By using our plug-and-play platform to run SEM, you can offer smaller campaigns to new and existing customers. SEM is a low-margin business, but our automated platform makes it an incredibly cost-effective way to bring in more business that you can upsell into higher-margin advertising down the road.

You serve your base, expand your reach, increase your relevance, andbecause we automate itexert almost zero effort doing so. 

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The Digital Ad Platform concept is the backbone of a strong and sustainable local media organization in the 21st century. OwnLocal makes it easy for you to offer the latest in automated advertising, mobile, and syndication technology to local businesses.

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