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Your customers deserve a terrific website. We offer the easiest, most affordable, social-media-integrated, SMB website builder around.

Sell Local Websites to Your Advertisers

As digital ad specialists, you act as more than a passive host for ads. You are also web designers, helping your advertisers get online and in front of customers. Increasingly, local businesses know this is a service they desperately need. Today’s customers don’t wait to walk in the door before they form an impression. They start on the web and decide where to go based on what they find — if they find anything at all.

Last year, 83% of Americans went online to search for local businesses. Are your advertisers creating a good first impression with their websites? Do they have websites at all?

If not, you can offer them Web Builder, our tool for creating sleek, responsive, up-to-date websites. Within 48 hours your advertisers will be up and running with a professional, self-updating website that they (and their customers) can be proud of. And you can offer this to them the same way we offer it to you — with affordability and ease of use.

Grow Revenue by Selling Websites

"As the leading information source in our communities, it's our responsibility to offer different platforms and show local businesses how to capitalize on that. We don't have a lot of resources we can dedicate to managing a website. Working with OwnLocal allowed us to affordably enter the digital arena with a 30% increase in online advertising revenue compared to the previous year."

Shon Barenklau

Publisher, Suburban Newspapers

Top Features

We do the research to maximize a site’s presence on the web, including SEO for the individual pages and keyword research for the site as a whole.

Your clients can easily manage the text and look of their websites with an industry-standard platform.

Easily link company Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts to keep your audiences engaged.

All sites will automatically adjust to different screen sizes, so your clients’ customers will see the site looking its best whether on a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop.

As like everything else, this is completely automated and almost completely hands off for you and your technology team. Everything is hosted by OwnLocal's personal API.

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The Digital Ad Platform concept is the backbone of a strong and sustainable local media organization in the 21st century. OwnLocal makes it easy for you to offer the latest in automated advertising, mobile, and syndication technology to local businesses.

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